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Noordung Cosmokinetic Cabinet
Kozmokinetični kabinet Noordug
Noordung Cosmokinetic Cabinet by Dragan Zivadinov.  Photo by Miha Fras.
Street address: Župančičeva 10, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Contact: Dragan Živadinov Director
Street address: Zavod Projekt Atol (production), Ane Ziherlove 2, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Dragan Živadinov, one of the founders of Neue Slowenische Kunst (1985), founded the Scipion Nasice Sisters Theatre in 1984 and directed some cult performances (Marija Nablocka, Baptism Under Triglav, The Fiat, the retrogardist event Krst pod Triglavom and The Baptism under Triglav, 1986). In 1987 he founded the Red Pilot Cosmokinetic Theatre (Zenit Observatory, 1988), and in 1990 the Noordung Cosmokinetic Cabinet (Noordung Praying Machine, 1992). In 1995 he dedicated himself to telecosmism, telelogy, and the 50-year projectile, Noordung, named after the Slovene space scientist Herman Potočnik Noordung (1892 - 1929) who wrote the book The Problems of Space Travel. The first show One Versus One opened on 20 April 1995, with restaging taking place every 10 years, the first one being on 20 April 2005. The show will play until 20 April 2045. The place of those actors who die in the meantime will be taken by a mechanical symbol, their spoken text represented by sounds (melody for women, rhythm for men). In 2045 these symbols will be shot into zero gravity space in a capsule. This action is intended to finally abolish mimetic theatre and establish the rule of non-corporeal art.
On December 15, 1999 Dragan Živadinov created Noordung Biomechanics, the first performance in zero gravity space researching revolutionary changes, which take place in the human body in a situation of a weightless theatre, produced by Projekt Atol Institute. It took place in the Russian cosmonaut training aircraft in the skies above Moscow dealing with the problem time/space paradigm and the subject as an actor and performer in the electronic era. In 2005 the Noordung's production Supremat was performed at Helix as a part of the NSK event in the city of Dublin celebrating European enlargement.
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