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Kapelica Gallery
Galerija Kapelica
Street address: Zavod K6/4, Kersnikova 4, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Telephone: 386 (0) 1 438 0302
Fax: 386 (0) 1 438 0301
Contact: Jurij Krpan Art Director
Contact: Sandra Sajovic Project Manager
Changing direction in 1995, the gallery now runs a programme that has summoned an entirely new audience to the chapel (Kapelica), and to what used to be a liturgical place of the Apprentice Hostel. Kapelica Gallery is the space of virtual interactions among artists, the audience and ideas, and one of the central platforms of contemporary art research in Slovenia. It enables people from different artistic environments to experiment with new paradigms and borders in contemporary art. The gallery programme is based on presentation of art production that is scarce or completely absent in other Slovene galleries. The points of interest are space installations, performances, artistic actions, sound events and artistic presentations with educational potential. A common denominator of various genres in the gallery is the characteristics of Contemporary Investigative Arts. The stress is on research, exploration and experimentation of frontiers of artistic discourses and urban poetics. The gallery's programme is divided in four main thematic groups: installations and ad hoc projects, technology through art, science through art and corporeality through art. Kapelica Gallery has established links with numerous galleries and initiatives abroad (Live Art Development Agency from UK) working with many guest curators, artists and theoreticians of contemporary artistic practices. The gallery programme has been presented at various symposia and conferences round the world, in the framework of numerous international festivals (International Festival of Computer Arts (IFCA), Sarajevo Winter, Salon of Young Artists in Zagreb) and Biennials (Venice Biennale 2003, International Association for the Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean) and the gallery team is also a consulting body for international selectors.
Please also see the K6/4 Cultural Institute
Exhibition space
Dimensions: cc 128m2 (19.8m x 6.5m x 3.75m height), incorporating cc 35 linear metres of wall space; installation system: hammer-and-nail installation, free-standing exhibition screens – the space is usually adapted to the needs of a certain project; lighting: halogen Movable stage lights controlled by light mixing desk; other facilities: technical equipment : remote controlled folding screen and 3 self-standing screens of various dimensions, 1 VCR, 2 video projectors (800 in 2100 ANSI/lumen), 1 slide projector, hi-fi stereo with 8 loudspeakers equally displaced around the space, audio mixing desk, MAC and PC with internet access, DVD recorder, DV camera, 3 video wall TV cubes, technican is available; climate control: none; sales policy: renting the space is possible (by appointment); security: camera and guard
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Date updated: 14 August 2006
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