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Ministry of Higher Education
Street address: Karte Char, Kabul, Kabul Province, Afghanistan
Telephone: 93 (0) 20 250 0324
Contact: Dr Mohammad Azam Dadfar Minister
Additional contact: Professor Soray Paikan Deputy Minister
Additional contact: Professor M Sabir Khishky Deputy Minister
Ministry of Higher EducationThe Ministry of Higher Education is responsible for regularising, expanding and develop Afghanistan's institutions of higher education.
The Ministry of Higher Education has a very important role to play in many areas and especially in the area of organising and directing the higher education system. It is responsible for the training of teachers and for establishing a national higher education curriculum as well as special education programmes, in-service training, and promoting further education for university faculty members. The Ministry develops partnerships with international universities for two way information exchange and to increase opportunities for scholarships for overseas study for Afghans. It organises seminars and conferences for dissemination of information, sharing of ideas and upgrading of skills. Other areas that the Ministry is responsible for involve acquiring relevant skilled consultant teams for faculties such as Engineering, Medicine and Law in response to requests. It provides expertise and training in accounting and management procedures and in computer literacy. The Ministry also has the role of ensuring that residential accommodation is available for students and teachers of universities and institutes of higher education.
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Date updated: 11 June 2007
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