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About the Cultural Profiles:
Special features of the Librios CMS
Librios information management systemsThe Librios CMS is an integrated authoring and content management technology which is
(i) easy to use - a streamlined, intuitive environment
(ii) integrated - one system, from authoring to output
(iii) scalable - from individual to enterprise
Librios CMS provides a complete range of functions, including: comprehensive text manipulation; content management; updating functions; image sorting and cataloguing; re-purposing and publishing in XML, on the web, on CD-ROM, and in print.
The Librios CMS will do everything that conventional database software will do. But it does more - and it does it differently: in a more streamlined, integrated, and above all user-intuitive way.
Different media can be incorporated - text (with hyperlinks); pictures (with hotspots); video; audio; and documents.
Each website generated from Librios CMS is fully searchable. Text can be searched for throughout the entire website. Boolean operators (and/or/not) and brackets can be used to create highly specific searches. Fuzzy, proximity, number and date searches are also supported. Search results are initially ranked, but can also be sorted using dictionary sort rules.
The Librios CMS is now Web 2.0-ready, enabling users to update their entries and even create their own mediated content via the web browser.
In addition to generating websites, Librios CMS also makes it possible to repurpose and republish website content in book and CD-ROM using Print On Demand publishing.
Date updated: 12 June 2007
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