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About the Cultural Profiles:
What are the Cultural Profiles?
from the Norway Cultural Profile
A typical Cultural Profile comprises
a general introduction to the profiled country - geography and topography, history, government, economy, people, language, religion, education
well-researched historical and developmental overviews of up to 20 different cultural sectors - typically covering archives, competitions and awards, government cultural policy, infrastructure and funding, ethnic culture, festivals, film and video, heritage (architectural heritage, museums), international exchange, libraries, literature, media (broadcasting, press, publishing, Internet), performing arts, research, tourism, training and visual arts
a detailed and fully-interlinked supporting database of key cultural contacts - there is no limit to the size of the database, but it usually ranges from 2,000 to 6,000 key contacts for each country.
The Cultural Profile is thus a unique resource for promoting their national culture, developing cultural tourism and encouraging prospective inward investment.
'Rich with practical information and technical data on the cultural sector... Superb work... Absolutely full of immensely useful information, elegantly presented, easy to use. There is nothing else like them.'
(Alan Feinstein, Rockefeller Foundation, 2006)
Date updated: 12 June 2007
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