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Association of Norwegian Editors
Norsk Redaktørforening
Street address: Rådhusgt. 17, N-0106 Oslo, Norway
Mailing address: P O Box 624 Sentrum, N-0106 Oslo, Norway
Telephone: 47 2240 5050
Fax: 47 2240 5055
The Association of Norwegian Editors is a national organisation for editors and editorial-leaders in free and independent media that through its support of the document Redaktørplakaten ('Rights and duties of the editor') acknowledges the editors’ independent role and position. The Association of Norwegian Editors was founded in 1950. In the beginning, the association was only open to editors of newspapers and news agencies whereas today the association includes editorial-leaders on different levels, across all types of media; newspapers, news agencies, broadcasting, periodical publications and electronic media. The association has around 660 members.
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Date updated: 5 November 2005
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