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National Theatre of Scotland
Street address: 45 Atlantic Chambers, Hope Street, Glasgow G2 6AE, Scotland, United Kingdom
Telephone: 44 (0) 141 221 0970
Fax: 44 (0) 141 248 7241
Contact: Vicky Featherstone Artistic Director
Additional contact: Neil Murray Executive Director
The creation of a National Theatre of Scotland was one of the commitments in the Scottish Executive's National Cultural Strategy, and the Executive has allocated funds totalling £7.5m for two years, effective from April 2004, to bring this to fruition.
Now in its infancy, The National Theatre of Scotland (NToS) is a commissioning organisation and the Theatre will not be based in a specific theatre building. It will commission existing theatres and theatre companies, or bring together directors, writers, designers and performers in new combinations to create productions that will play in theatres and other venues up and down the country. It will develop a quality repertoire originating in Scotland. This will include new work, existing work, and the drama of other countries and cultures to which a range of Scottish insights, language and sensibility can be applied. The National Theatre will also look beyond Scotland for inspiration, and stimulate interest in Scottish culture from other countries and cultures. The work will reflect the diversity of Scotland's cultures. The inaugural programme starting Spring 2006 will be announced in Autumn 2005.
This working model was proposed by the Federation of Scottish Theatre and developed by an Independent Working Group, convened by Dr Donald Smith, Director of the Scottish Storytelling Forum, which consulted widely across the theatre sector in Scotland between mid-2000 and May 2001. The objective is to provide a rich cultural experience for all groups and to expand the theatre audience in Scotland overall. The NToS will work with other theatre companies to avoid duplication or unhelpful competition.
Richard Findlay was appointed Chairman in December 2003, and the Board of Directors were appointed on 1 April 2004. The inaugral Creative Director, Vicky Featherstone, was appointed in July 2004, and took up post in November 2004 to mark the start of the commissioning process. The Bridge Cultural Campus in Greater Easterhouse has been identified as the preferred location for the National Theatre of Scotland's administrative office once completed.
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Date updated: 26 March 2006
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