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Greenock Arts Guild Theatre
Street address: Campbell Street, Greenock, Inverclyde PA16 8AP, Scotland, United Kingdom
Telephone: 44 (0) 1475 723038
Fax: 44 (0) 1475 721811
Proprietor: Greenock Arts Guild Ltd
Contact: Ian Donaldson Arts Centre Manager
Accessibility: Full disabled access
Arts Guild TheatreThe Arts Guild Theatre is the primary arts venue in and for the Inverclyde area. It hosts a range of arts events from all disciplines including music, drama, dance, comedy, festivals and visual arts events.
The Arts Guild Theatre was founded in 1946 by a group of local enthusiasts who wanted to provide a place where the Arts could flourish with professional and amateur visiting groups. The Theatre was a conversion from a Victorian swimming pool with the stage now occupying what was 'the deep end'.
The Main Auditorium has a total of 454 seats over two levels with every seat having a clear view of the stage. The Wallace Bennett Theatre is its studio space with a maximum capacity of 80. There are several other meeting/rehearsal rooms with capacities ranging from 15 up to 50.
Thousands of people pass through its doors every month. As well as a full programme of events in both the main and studio theatres all year round it also houses many local community groups. These range from dancing schools to camera clubs, writing groups and out of school tuition.
Main Auditorium
Type of venue: Proscenium arch theatre
Main use: Professional entertainment, including drama, dance, music and variety
Seating: 454 raked seats total on two levels (120 circle, 334 stalls, including 5 wheelchair spaces)
Proscenium opening: 7.3m W x 4.27m H
Performing area: 7.6m W x 8.53m D x 10.06m H to grid, flat sprung wooden stage floor suitable for dance, understage crossover, stage heated, get-in via dock doors SL 2.14m x 2.75m, safety curtain, scale stage, fly and lighting plans available
Forestage: 9.75m W x 1.82m D
Orchestra pit: 9.75m W x 1.53m D, accommodating 16 musicians
Wing spaces: 2.13m W SR, 1.53m W SL
Suspension equipment: 15 hemp sets, 0.23m apart, tab track, max flying height 10.05m to grid
Soft hangings: Maroon house tabs, flown, black legs, borders and draw tabs, white cyclorama
Lighting: Strand Lightboard M desk, 84 dimmers, 78 x 2.5kw, 4 x 5kw, 3-phase, operated from rear centre of stalls, 63A x 3-phase supply available (Cee form socket); 24 spots, 30 fresnels, cyc and groundrow compartment floods
Sound: Peavey 16-channel mixer, operated from rear centre of stalls, C800-400W power amplifiers, speakers, various mics, acoustics suitable for music and spoken word
Stage equipment: 2 pianos, SM desk with show relay/tannoy to dressing rooms
Backstage: 4 dressing rooms, 4 rehearsal rooms, advice given on accommodation, casual staff available, backstage facilities not accessible to disabled performers and staff
Other facilities
Wallace Bennett Theatre (studio space with max capacity of 80), plus several other meeting/rehearsal rooms with capacities ranging from 15 up to 50, not accessible to disabled performers and staff
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