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Street address: 77 Montgomery Street, Edinburgh EH7 5HZ, Scotland, United Kingdom
Mailing address: P O Box 23071, Edinburgh EH3 5WS, Scotland, United Kingdom
Telephone: 44 (0) 131 558 5449
Fax: 44 (0) 131 558 5454
Proprietor: Published by Red Herring Arts & Media and run by Chris and Patrick Small
Contact: Chris Small Editor
Telephone: 44 (0) 7986 589 514
Additional contact: Patrick Small Associate Editor
Additional E-mail: [email protected]
With a founding commitment to address the contemporary diversity of arts and cultural activity in Scotland, covering home-grown and international music, film, books, visual art and politics, the independent quarterly glossy Product seeks to promote Scottish writers and artists while encouraging intelligent, provocative journalism. With a current circulation of around 18,000, it is distributed to bookshops, art galleries, museums and record shops throughout the UK, and to selected outlets in Europe, as well as Scottish news trade outlets.
Product is aimed at a young Scottish, UK and international audience (a recent survey found 95 percent of its readership to be aged 20-35), reflecting a renewed, post-devolution interest in Scottish culture. Originally piloted in 1999, it re-launched in May 2003 with the first in a series of regular themed issues (also carrying cover-mounts such as CDs, books and DVDs), which dedicate much of the magazine's space to a broad topic heading such as Music, Film or Ideas. Two or three pieces of fiction are published each issue, and occasional poetry, with unsolicited submissions accepted by e.mail. Proposals for themed features are also welcome. Most issues also include one or two broadly ‘international’ pieces – interviews, opinion, essays, or visual art / photography – with this element of Product's content likely to increase as distribution expands in Europe and North America.
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Date updated: 28 November 2004
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