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Egypt Cultural Profile
Due for launch in Summer 2006.
The Egypt Cultural Profile has been produced as part of Visiting Arts' remit to ensure that high quality, under-represented contemporary arts are brought into the UK from countries across the world, and to extend the dialogue between UK and Egyptian artists.
Though broadly viewed as an intellectual powerhouse in the region with a strong concern for the conservation of its rich cultural heritage, Egypt nonetheless maintains a relatively low level of cultural exchange with UK and much of the EU. For many years, independent artists have had little outlet to promote their work or become recognised as representatives of contemporary culture.
But the climate has experienced change since the early 1990s; many local independent artists are now coming to the forefront and gaining national and some international recognition, while the number of foreign artists living and working in Egypt has increased. A new movement of younger artists and writers has started to emerge, articulating a different artistic sensibility, experimenting with artistic tools and techniques, and claiming a larger share of resources and access to audiences. This new movement is spreading across Egypt and networking is occurring on a regional and international scale.
The Egypt Cultural Profile will profile artists and cultural organisations across all art forms. Artists and organisations featured include, among others:
Hany Ghanem
Karima Mansour
El-warsha Theatre Company
Mahmoud Refat
George Kazazian
Heavy Cairo Traffic
Samy Elias
Iman Issa
The Egypt Cultural Profile is funded by the European Cultural Foundation (ECF) and supported by the British Council, Egypt.
For more information, please contact:
Contact: Tim Doling Managing Editor, Visiting Arts Cultural Profiles
Date updated: 5 December 2005