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Lebanon Cultural Profile
Due for launch in Summer 2006.
Lebanon is one of the most complex and diverse countries in the Middle East, with hybrid cultures and a broad diaspora. Lebanon is a country fertile in contemporary cultural practice, and has a vibrant and dynamic arts scene, yet is under-represented in the UK and Europe. The Lebanon Cultural Profile features a thorough overview of the country's cultural infrastructure, plus profiles of leading artists and cultural organisations across all the arts sectors. It includes (among others) the following:
Joseph Kodeih
Eliane Aboussouan
Nadim Karam
Atelier Des recherches
Nadine Touma
Joelle Khoury
Lebanon Puppet Theatre
Lamia Joriege
Claude Chalhoub
The Lebanon Cultural Profile is funded by the European Cultural Foundation (ECF) and supported by British Council, Lebanon.
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Contact: Tim Doling Managing Editor, Visiting Arts Cultural Profiles
Date updated: 5 December 2005